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Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

(London) At last we have news from Homer, our beloved pet husky! Here he is, looking mighty fine, in the yard of Brian Wilmshurst’s B-Line racing Kennels, just outside Dawson City. He’s howling because he misses us so much, poor dear. Actually, no. Quote, Brian “Homer is great! He fits in well with the rest of the crew. His neighbor, George and him are buds and wrestle frequently. He says he hates you and never wants to see you English pricks again.” Well, not the last bit, but I feel like a parent who collects their child at the school gates for the first time and is delighted to hear they didn’t cry and made new friends but quietly devastated they didn’t miss their doting parent. Or even notice their absence. Shopping at Walmart, Whitehorse, with rental car In a few weeks, we’ll be hauling 12 x 16kg sacks of dog food in and out of shopping carts, trucks and boats to keep our precious husky fed over the winter. That’s almost a quarter tonne of the stuff. Seems like