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The wildest time

This is our wildest time. Until the river is clear of ice, no one can get in, we can’t get out and we are totally alone in thousands of square miles of wilderness.  Some days we marvel at just how remote and wild it is here. If we walked due north, we would go over the pole and into Russia before we met anyone. And what a trip that would be. Neil even speaks a bit of Russian- “Privyet. Mi iz Kanadey. U vas yest maslo?”(Hello we are from Canada. Do you have any butter?) “Nyet.” “Nu ladno.” (Oh well.) Saxifrage rockery coming back to life If we don’t follow the river, we could go in almost any direction and die before we meet another person or get any shopping. Yesterday we met a grizzly bear and life felt even wilder. Rowdy geese on the river honking away We’ve had a few visitors- the grizzly, wolves, two eagles and one very aggressive squirrel.  You can't see much but that is a wolf out there Homer had a scare w