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Annoying the wildlife

Our property was empty for over 10 years and we’ve always gone back to England for the summer, until now. We are a major annoyance to the local wildlife. Things keep wandering up to the house to munch on the lovely horsetail and blue bells that have come up all over the yard, or scratch their backs on our porch support posts, only to find two silly Brits and a dopey husky hanging around. Some of our flowers- Yukon bluebells Vetch Flowering saxifrage What's this? Don't know. Does anyone else? A lynx swam all the way across river only to discover the place occupied and a most interesting satellite dish installed, which required a good sniff. I have no pics as we were washing naked in the river at the time and Neil forbade me to bring the camera. A young cow moose had a stand-off with Homer around the washing line, until I called him away. He was happy to hide behind my knees whilst we watched her ponder what to do and eventually walk out th