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Wilderness home for seniors

If we ever leave the bush it will be because of conversations like this- “Who was it in Gladiator? Australian.” Long pause. "Can’t think of anyone Australian. Except Rolf Harris.” “Neither can I.” “Mel Gibson!” “Younger.” Longer pause. “One syllable name, though.” “Definitely.” Hours later… “Russell!” “That’s it. Simon Russell-Beale? No. Wait. Simon Beale… Russell Beale… Russell Crowe!” It’s like living in the world’s most remote old people’s home. Things we once knew are slipping away and our minds are gently filling with snow. I get The Economist online every Friday to stem the flow but it doesn’t help with trivia. Dawson City in the distance, open lead on the Yukon to the right Thank God we can get to town now and have other input. We don’t have our shorter river trail in yet so are doing the long route, downriver and back over the mountains, a 160 mile round trip. Cassiar Dome just before dawn, no filter