Alaska Sourdough, Ruth Allman, Alaska Northwest Books

Everything you need to know about making a sourdough starter, bread and loads of other recipes. Very eccentric book with tales of Alaskan life and no index. Great recipes.

Out of Alaska's Kitchens, Various, The Easter Seal Society for Alaska Crippled Children and Adults

Very eclectic mix of recipes from First Nation and European origins. Everything from walrus meatballs to mayonnaise cakes. Well worth a read and many great recipes.

The Boreal Herbal, Beverley Gray, Aroma Borealis Press

A definitive guide to edible and medicinal plants with a very optimistic spin that finds a use for nearly everything.

Building the Alaska Log Home, Tom Walker, Alaska Northwest Books

A comprehensive guide on how to build a log cabin, clearly and simply explained. Really useful for anyone thinking of buildings with logs. Goes through everything from site selection, tools and sourcing logs to the actual construction.

Building with Logs, B. Allan Mackie, Firefly Books

Even more detailed guide to building with logs. Slightly more advanced than Tom Walker’s book but full of useful infornation and diagrams.

Snow Walker's Companion, Garrett & Alexandra Conover, Friesens

A guide to snowshoeing in the bush and camping.

The Official Wilderness First-Aid Guide, Wayne Merry, McClelland & Stewart Inc.

Incredibly useful, detailed and clearly illustrated. So detailed that some chapters can be stomach-churning. Indispensable.

A Land Gone Lonesome, Dan O’Neill, Basic Books

An account of how the people have faded away from stretches of the Yukon River.

Shadows on the Koyukuk, Sidney Huntington & Jim Reardon, Alaska Northwest Books

An astounding account of an Athapascan Native's life in the bush.

The Yukon (Rivers of America), Richard Mathews, Holt Rinehart Winston (pub. 1968)

The very best geographical, historical and sociological account of the river we've ever read. Just really well written.


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