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The worst thing about here

Poling the boat across mud flats to launch People ask me, what is the worst thing about living in the Yukon wilderness? Is it bears?! No. You take precautions, you carry bear spray. But fear recedes, just like any other threat you live with day to day. I’m no more scared of bears now than I was of muggers in London. Removing broken asbestos sheet How about the cold, when it’s 40, 50 below!? Nope. Love that. But you must get lonely?  We do. But that’s the deal with all this freedom and beauty. You can’t have the moon on a stick. Collecting water by dog power every morning How about the dark? For the all the long nights of winter, we now have 24 hours of daylight and the clock changes so fast it makes you giddy. The bugs though? You’re getting close now. The incessant itching of bites. The buzzing, nipping, whirring into my eyes, my ears, my nose. The cloud that builds around me as soon as I step outside and follows me wherever I go