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Media frenzy, more bush skills and a truly shocking event

(Lou, Yukon) We’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in a media project for the last couple of weeks, which has involved multiple people toing and froing and even camping at our property. We are unused to seeing so many people in one go and all got a bit dizzy with it. Neil has been stuffing his face with their exotic luxury food, I’ve been too excited to sleep and Homer’s forgotten all his training, who we are and probably his name again.  Me and Homer getting dizzy with it Snacks- brilliant! I won’t say much about who visited at this stage which makes it all sound terribly exciting, like we have had MI6 here listening in on Putin.  Thankfully it wasn’t MI6 as I can’t imagine the British civil service would have brought such nice biscuits.  In fact, the food was so nice we were tempted to empty the squirrel’s winter stashes out from under the tree roots and stuff the holes with KitKats.  Learning the river Aside from snacks, we had the privilege of meeting folk

Moose call sing-a-long

We are now lowing in earnest like flirtatious lady moose and have progressed from practising indoors with the aid of YouTube videos, like some weird bush karaoke, to bellowing from the porch with the aid of our moose bugle. We have fashioned the bugle in traditional style from birch bark and duct tape and are interspersing our “lonely lady” calls with huffing “I’ve got a girlie here” male calls with the aim of making any wandering bulls think there’s a gorgeous cloven hoofed gal on the porch but some other bastard’s got there before him.  Moose bugle enhances the sound and doesn't make you look stupid at all We are calling morning and evening, from the porch and the river, with the aim of getting a bull right up into the yard and preferably into the hanging rack so we don’t have to move him far if we get him.  Anyone who wants to join in go to the links at the bottom and sing-along-a-sounda-horny-moose with us. We’re also thrashing brush with an old scapula bone to mimic

Fall - everything happens at once

Everything happens in the autumn, or “fall” as they call it here. Building projects must be completed before it gets too cold to work outside, anything that involves digging has to be done before the ground freezes and trails need to be cut before there is a foot of snow on them and we can’t get to the base of shrub stems. We have to get all our winter supplies as we’ll be cut off from the world during freeze up. We won't be able to get out until the river is frozen and safe for the snowmachine (maybe a couple of months, maybe more?). On top of all that, this is moose hunting season, the salmon run is beginning and the berries are ripe for the picking. We won’t be fishing, but the rest of it applies. Hunting preparations I have my hunting licence, a moose tag and my rifle sighted in so I’m all set to get our winter’s meat. ( Here's how we sighted in our rifle .) Neil hasn’t been resident for the required time so he can’t hunt yet but he can help with dressing the carc