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The World’s Most Remote Launderette

The Yukon is unfolding into springtime. It was -35C this morning but there is light in the sky when I wake at 7. Only a few weeks ago it was pitch black until 10am but we gain 7 minutes of light each day. The change is so fast it spins you off balance and soon, instead of falling asleep once I’ve eaten dinner, I will have “evenings.” What to do with them? Suicide or domestic violence, there’s two options. I recently learned that whilst many people threaten self-harm or abuse in mid-winter, they lack the energy. They don’t get round to it ‘til spring. 10am here this morning, sundog rainbow over the river However, Neil is working away for 10 days so there is no one to thump and I’m feeling too cheerful for suicide. I’m basking in a sense of fulfilment at having taken a 470 mile journey through the vast and empty Yukon wilderness to visit the world’s most remote launderette. Despite the fact we forgot our laundry. We made our voyage to Circle,