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Homer’s big trip to London

(Lou, Vancouver Airport) A girl’s dream has come true! I’ve often thought, when paying some mechanic for work on my car, I bet I’m getting fleeced here. I wish I knew more about engines. Well, piece by piece, I’m learning how a two-stroke engine works. Three days before we leave for England and one day before we have to take our very large husky, an impossible amount of laundry and various other things to town, the bloody Polaris Widetrak broke down again. It exploded in spectacular style with toxic luminous green coolant spraying out from under the hood like a psychedelic geyser. It is, I now know, simply a broken belt on the water pump that we can easily replace. If we had one. And if we weren’t leaving the country imminently. We had to get to town early the next morning and so abandoned it. In fact, we were quite tempted to leave the damn thing to go out with the ice in spring break up Thank God we had our little ’94 Polaris Indy Lite, Piccolo. We set of