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Saint Louisa of Woolwich


I often find myself sitting on my ass, with a nice cup of tea, thinking, Thank God I don’t have kids.

If I had kids I’d be feeding them now, or singing The Wheels on the Bus. We’ve managed to outsource the care of our dog to B-Line Race Kennels for the summer, so I haven’t even got him to look after.

I’m back to work now and London has been smouldering in a 30+c heatwave. I come in melting, exhausted after my 5.30am starts and think Phew! I am SO lucky.

With homes in both the Yukon Wilderness and London, I feel like a cartoon character who’s strode off a cliff and paces on air, high above a desert canyon. Sometimes I’m waiting for the fall, but mostly I just feel damn lucky.

But a thought has been whittling at my peace of mind. As I have this time and privilege, perhaps I might get off my lazy ass and do something to help others?

I promised myself that as soon as I arrived in London, I would do some voluntary work. “As soon as” dragged on into “at some point” but I did event…

All you need is sheep (part 2)


I’ve done well out of sheep this week. As well as some fabulous hiking in The Lake District (see See Part 1), I’m using a thick merino/ lamb mix Italian boiled wool to make the liners for my beaver fur mitts.

Yes, I finally got started and thought I’d do the whole left mitt first so I could work out where I’d screw up before embarking on the right one.

I made the thumb too high. It’s not a disaster but I’ll set it about an inch lower on the right mitt. I could have avoided that by spending 20 minutes watching a Youtube video on fur mitt patterns but my attention span for Youtube is 3 minutes, tops.

He didn’t get to thumbs before that critical cut off so I just made a guess.

The liner is a double wool layer which I’ve only stitched at the cuffs so I can pull it out to dry.

But will I ever get round to making the right hand mitt?

Jobs are like buses, you wait for ages then 3 come along at once. I have been enjoying the metaphorical wait at the bus stop. I’ve spent time with my…

All you need is sheep (part 1)


Aren’t sheep great? Walking in the Lake District is easy and it’s all thanks to sheep.

When I say easy, I’m ignoring the fact that it’s very, very steep and by the end of the first day’s hike I felt like my legs had been cast in iron.

“It’s not the going up, it’s the coming down!” people told me. Actually, it was the hotel stairs the next morning that made me want to call Mountain Rescue.

The Lakes is a misleading name for the highest mountains in England.

Anyone planning a pleasant stroll around some water features will be disappointed to find that the trails veer up almost vertical scree slopes and rocky crags. (See footnote)

Neil is working in Cumbria so I’m cadging a free holiday and being a hotel housewife. It’s a fun job. I get to go out walking and researching tea shops all day.

There are no chores so I just lounge on the bed with the TV remote control and remind him to iron his shirts when he comes home in the evening.

In many ways the terrain here in The Lake Distr…