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Back in the bush

(Lou, Yukon)

Our journey home was packed with more firsts than anyone should reasonably be expected to cope with in one day. First time towing the boat over a rocky beach, first time ever launching a boat, first turn of the key on the engine, first time driving a boat up the Yukon alone. First time landing the bloody thing, testing our guns, seeing our property covered in matted brush and willow instead of snow and best of all, first time for us to arrive back at the place we left in the spring with all our things and a ready-made wood pile! 

With no place of our own previously, we’ve had to move each year so this is the first autumn we had the joy of coming “home.” 

Trailer troubles
Things went remarkably well, our only fuck up being reversing the trailer into the river at 90 degrees, forgetting about the Yukon River’s tremendous 7mph current which instantly swept the boat off taking the trailer lights with it. 

We made it to our place without mishap, spotting gravel bars and sand banks a…

Planes, trucks and trolleys

(Lou, Whitehorse)

The difficulties of travel in England Despite the best efforts of Southern Rail Company and the rail worker’s trade union, we made it from our flat in SE London to Gatwick Airport in time for our flight home to Canada. It is nothing short of a miracle and we expect the rest of the journey by dirt road and boat to be a cinch in comparison. And yes, Canada is now home. We are very proud to have been accepted as Canadian residents.

The ice hockey test Our residency visas arrived last autumn, but as we were already in Canada we had to leave and arrive again. Theoretically it was confirmed but we both ruminated on any number of fantastical scenarios that could screw things up. Like the Immigration Officer saying, “Oh shit no- not you guys! There’s been a mistake.” Or “we cannot let you into the country until you complete this short test on ice hockey.” Or “Sir, there seems to be a kg of cocaine up your ass.” (Heavens Neil, not that again…)

Special Boat Service We have made it …

The randomness of things

(Lou, London)
Less than a week before our return to the Yukon and there are lists everywhere. Shopping lists for London, shopping lists for Whitehorse (4 pages), lists of things to do before we go, things to do in Whitehorse, things to tell the estate agent, people we need to see. I read a book on mindfulness recently and learnt that list-making is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour. Not that I need anything else to worry about, thank you.

I’m not sure how we’d negotiate this by memory alone. Today’s jobs range from tracking down beef stock cubes (cheaper here and no MSG), selling the car and booking our Hunter Education Training Course in Dawson City. (We need to pass this course to hunt legally and another bloody winter on corned beef and dried beans might just push me over the edge, so it’s kind of important.)

Freaky shopping
We did most of our London shopping at Woolwich Tesco yesterday. Any spare weight we can use in our 23kg luggage allowance goes on things that are cheaper he…