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Don't mention dead animals


“Just don't mention dead animals" said the teacher.

OK, and don’t swear.
I spoke at a primary school in South London last week. I was excited to be asked to do an assembly after talking to a class last year.

I managed only one faux pas in the previous year. I said “fat.” In reference to pet huskies on the streets of London not some chubby, speccy kid sat at the front, but it still caused a tremor of excitement around the classroom.

Apparently “fat” is out. I spent the rest of talk trying to preemptively censor myself, having no idea what might have changed in the 35 years since I set foot in a primary school, when children were regularly fat, stupid or naughty.
Talking to young kids about our life is magical. They have the best questions. Do moose fight to the death? Can a wolf kill a bear? And, cutting straight to the chase, where do you go to the toilet?

It's all so much damn fun so I was pleased to be asked back, as long as I could refrain from mentioning de…

Flood! Earthquake! Plague!


This is how I’m imagining our house on the Yukon right now.

The Klondike and Forty Mile rivers, which flow into the Yukon above and below our property (respectively) broke up last week. I got news on Wednesday that the ice on the Yukon River had started to move at Dawson City.

Our friends Lou and Gary at Sister Island got some great videos of the river ice going out. Watch them here-
Sister Island, water rising
Sister Island, ice chunks
Sister island, aftermath

The official time of break up at Dawson is 10.04am, Wednesday 3rd May. All winter, a tripod stands out on the ice, in front of the town, connected to a clock by a long cable. As soon as the ice moves, it stops the clock.

Dawsonites take bets on the outcome and whoever guessed the closest time wins the raffle.

Click the link to watch a video in this CBC article-
CBC news article

I have no idea what’s happening downriver at our place.

It’s hard not to worry, especially as we had an earthquake last week too.

Click for anothe…